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65mm CNC Tube Bender Installed

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 10:55:09 AM EST by Website Administrator

Complete Machine Tools have just successfully installed a Shuztung CNC65BR3 tube bender out of Taiwan. The customer makes ute trays for all the major car manufacturers and needed to update their tube bender to a modern CNC machine to increase their capacity and stream line their production. The decision was made to purchase a Shuztung machine because the customer previously bought a Shuztung 65mm NC controlled tube bender from Complete Machine Tools 10 years ago and have had great success with the machine.

The new machine was optioned up with 3 stack bending which can accommodate 3 different size radius dies of the same pipe size for added flexibility and reduced die changing time. The tube bender was also optioned up with a punching device, the square and round pipe can be rotated automatically by the index able mandrel chuck and punched on both sides. The controller is a PC based controller with a 17" touch screen and full graphical visualization. Once the job has been programmed the sequence can be viewed in 3D so mistakes can be picked up prior to bending.

Click on the link below to view more info on the Shuztung CNC tube bender range    




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