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Leadwell New Economical VE series Machining Centres

Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 7:41:11 PM EST by Website Administrator

Enzo Salerno who is the sales manager at Complete Machine Tools is currently in Taiwan attending the Leadwell global agents meeting in Taichung and then going on to the Timtos exhibition in Taipei. Today was the Leadwell global agents meeting and there are some very exciting new developments going on at Leadwell. One is the VE series machining centres that is an economical option for a maching centre and goes up to 1000mm on the X axis. 

Leadwell is also in the coming months going to launch their iphone/android app which has a comprehensive listing of all their products, this is great for customers who want the information at their fingertips to first look at the different models quickly and easily priot to contacting Complete Machine Tools for additional info and pricing.

 The most interesting of announcements today was the thermal heat detection and compensation system for spindle monitoring. This is a module that is attached to the controller that detects the heat in the spindle and then automatically adjusts the axis to compensate for the expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling of the spindle. This module will be released in the next few months and an optional extra on all VMC's.


 The Leadwell VE-42A economical series VMC in the Leadwell factory


The Leadwell thermal spindle detection and compensation device in the development stages.


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