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New Design Everising Column Saws Coming Soon

Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 10:02:29 AM EST by Website Administrator

A very exciting development is happening with the Everising range of column saws, specifically the H-360HANC and H-460HANC which are 360mm and 460mm diameter capacity fully automatic straight cut machines. 

1. The design is changing and now we will be offering the Everising "HB" series which offered a intergrated double column design which will make the machine design more rigid and improve overall cutting performance. The design will also offer a one piece sacraficial cutting plate that will be intergrated into the moving clamping vice so there will be no need to remove the traditional cutting blocks hence saving time. The motor will now be a direct drive system installed directly into the gear box giving better torque. The standard "HA" series will still remain available for a more cost effective solution!

2. The Everising H-360HA/HB & H-460HA/HB saws on order for stock will be coming in with an enclosed design cover for added safety and also a LED light built into the cover which will have a 3 colour system. This will simply tell you when the machine is working, stopped or in error by the colour of the lights on the machine.

As always Everising is at the forefront of technology and design and moving forward is a key attribute of Everising, these machines are due to arrive in a few months time but contact us now to get more info on these machines. 



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