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- 1000mm between centres
- 360 to 410mm swing over the bed
- 52mm spindle bore
- 3 Phase
- Hardened and ground bed

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- 1000 to 3000mm between centres
- 400 to 760mm swing over the bed
- 82 to 105mm spindle bore
- Rapid traverse on X—Z axis
- Quick change tool post

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- 1500 to 12000mm between centres
- 630 to 2000mm swing over the bed
- 105 to 130mm spindle bore
- Perfect for heavy duty applications
- One piece cast base

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Big Bore

- 1500 to 14000mm between centres
- 930 to 1600mm swing over the bed
- 156 to 535mm spindle bore
- Double chuck
- Pneumatic rapid threading device

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- Made in Taiwan
- Range of sizes up to 3m B/C
- Swing range of 400mm to 760mm
- Rigid one piece base
- Large spindle bore

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