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Danobat IDP+ drilling / oxy combo machine

Danobat has just released their brand new IDP+ drilling and oxy cutting combination machine made for processing structural steel. This machine has just been exhibited at the Euroblech show in Hannover Germany and had a great deal of interest because Danobat is the only one in the market with this type of machine.

The head of the machine houses both the drilling head and oxy cutting head on an indexable turret style setup. The IDP+ comes with a large 8 station tool changer and when the oxy head needs to be ignited there is an ignition area where this is done automatically. The IDP+ has a small foot print which is great for the workshop that needs a compact machine with a large scope of abilities to process structural steel.

The IDP+ also comes standard with a 6 metre infeed and outfeed system with the outfeed fitted with a gripper type automatic infeed arm. Options are available that can make this machine fully automatic from infeed to outfeed so minimal operator input is required. Check out the link to find out more information regarding the innovative new machine from Danobat

Click here for more information on the Danobat IDP+ drill/oxy cutting machine


Gasparini ECO low energy consumption / low noise hydraulic press brake 


The new Gasparini ECO X-press version not only offers the great features of the standard X-press model but also heaps of new and innovative features. An inverter is connected to the hydraulic pump so when the machine is at top dead centre the hydraulic pump switched itself off and on the down stroke only uses gravity using less energy saving and increasing speeds. This is only one of many great features, click the link below to find out more.

  Click here to find out about the innovative new Gasparini ECO model features


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