Complete Machine Tools - Complete Machine Tools News Complete Machine Tools News - This contains all the latest news from Complete Machine Tools and suppliers. Gasparini Leads Plasma Cutting <p>Geebung sheet metal company Hirco Mfg has taken a leap into the future by purchasing a gasparini Spark Heavy Plasma for their new factory.</p> <p>Spark heavy plasma is a high performance plasma cutting machine built on a platform more familiar to laser cutting machines. maximum traverse speeds of up to 100 meteres per minute and acceleration of 1G means a quantum leap in productive output only Gasparini technology can offer.</p> <p style="text-align: center;">Super smmoth helical gear drives make the Gasparini machine one of the smoothest running plasma cutting machines available.<img title="sh2045withdrillinghead" src="" alt="sh2045withdrillinghead" width="510" height="341" /></p> Danobat drilling and sawing lines <p>Danobat is a very well established company world wide and offer a huge range of machine tools. Complete Machine Tools are now selling Danobat drilling/sawing lines and the 3D palsma cutting machines in Australia which offer a breath of fresh air in the market. More infomation will be uploaded in the coming weeks on our website with videos and interactive PDF files. Danobat is a world leader in machine tools are are now in Australia so give us a call for more info!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Large Faccin section rolls to be delivered <p>Two large Faccin section rolling machines&nbsp;are due to be delivered to their new home in the next month. The RCMI 110 and RCMI 190 have some freat features - &nbsp;</p> <p><strong><img title="HeavyDutySectionRoll2" src="" alt="HeavyDutySectionRoll2" width="747" height="585" /></strong></p> <p><strong>The Motors:</strong></p> <div> <p>The FACCIN sections rolling machines are equipped, as standard, with 3 independent <strong>hydraulically driven rolls</strong> (3hydraulic motors coupled to 3 planetary gearboxes). This solution has four major advantages.</p> <p>1)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Minimum loss of energy for dissipation (efficiency near to 90%);</p> <p>2)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 100% Torque availability at maximum speed;</p> <p>3)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Automatic adjustment of peripheral speed between center and side rolls;</p> <p>4)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; No overload on mechanical components due to differences in peripheral speeds.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>The guide rolls:</strong></p> <p>As standard, the side guiding rolls can be adjusted in <strong>6 different directions independantly</strong>. This means that it is possible to control in the best way the rolling process to avoid the usual deformations specially when asymmetrical sections are processed. The guiding system is provided as standard with <strong>two rolls</strong>: one is used to control the planarity of the rolling and the other is used to guide the profile flanges outside the forming area.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>The universal rolls:</strong></p> <p>The sections rolling machines series RCMI are supplied as standard with universal rolls. These complete tooling consists of 4 rolls for each shaft (<strong>total 12 standard rolls</strong>). The shape of these rolls are specially designed to guarantee the possibility of rolling all the standard profiles in any principal bending direction (flat on flat, flat on edge, square bars, tees, angles, columns, channels, beams).</p> <div>The rolls are made of high tensile NiCrMo alloyed steel. They are forged quenched, tempered, surface hardened and stress relieved. They are designed to bear the high compression loads located where the profile is in contact with the rolls. The rolls are guaranteed to resist for several years of heavy duty use without any damage on their surface.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The large fabrication company who has bought these machines now have a Faccin 3 roll plate rolling machine with a 15mm capacity, a CNC 4 roll plate rolling machine with a graphical controller and soon the two section rolling machines.</div> </div> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div>&nbsp;</div> EuroBLECH 2012 Germany <p>EuroBLECH 2012 in Germany Hannover (October 23 - 27) is the premium sheetmetal machinery exhibition worldwide and promises to be an very interesting show. All the worlds biggest producers will be exhibiting their latest and greatest machinery, Complete Machine Tools will be visiting this show&nbsp;and invites&nbsp;all our customer who are attanding this show to join us.</p> <p>A number of our suppliers will be exhibiting at this show&nbsp;which includes Everising, Danobat, Gasparini, SMTCL and Leadwell.</p> <p>Danobat will be unveiling their new combi machine the IDP+ which is an oxy fuel and drilling machine combined together to offer a time and space saving solution for the steel merchant and structural steel companies.</p> <p>Hope to see you there!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> FINcm multifunction plate processing machine <p>Complete Machine Tools have now taken on a new agency for machines to process plate and structural steel. FINcm makes a huge range of machinery to enhance productivity in the plate and structural steel&nbsp;industry. The range encompases beam drilling machines which can be combined with a CNC mitre cutting sawing machine to form a beam line or used independantly judt as a drill for drilling structural steel.</p> <p>The most notable machine is the FINcm PDC31 which is a combination machine that uses a plasma cutting head or oxy head (depending on the thickness of plate), a spindle that can drill and mill with a 6 station tool holder and a wire wheel to remove the swarf so as to not effect any operation on the machine.The plasma unit is Hypertherm which is regarded as the industry leader. A choice of controllers is available depending on personal preference of Fanuc, Siemens or Fagor. <a href=";CategoryID=86">Click here to view more info on the FinCM PDC31 multifunction steel processing mchine.</a></p> <p><img title="pdc31" src="" alt="pdc31" width="800" height="506" /></p> Yawei laser cutting machines <p>Yawei who have manufactured quality press brakes, guillotines and turret punching machines for many years have now developed their own laser cutting machine. This is an exciting development because the Yawei laser cutting machines offer excellent value for money and high preformance with&nbsp;fantastic reliability. In true Yawei style they purchased a company which produces laser cutting machines in Italy purely for their technology to develop their laser cutting machines. Three years later&nbsp;their lasers are now ready to export around the world.</p> <p>&nbsp;The range consists of 4 models varying from their top of the range HLS to the HLB which is a great entry level&nbsp;machine&nbsp;and friendly on the pocket. &nbsp;World reknown components are adopted such as Rofin / Panasonic laser generators, Siemens controllers, Precitec / LaserMech cutting heads and Siemens servo motors for added longevity of the machines.</p> <p>Follow the link below to find out more about the exciting new range of Yawei laser cutting machines.</p> <p><a href=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="yaweihlsfastserieslaser" src="" alt="yaweihlsfastserieslaser" width="618" height="227" /></p> New Danobat structural drilling / oxy cutting machine <p>&nbsp;Danobat has just released their brand new IDP+ drilling and oxy cutting combination machine made for processing structural steel. This machine has just been exhibited at the Euroblech show in Hannover Germany and had a great deal of interest because&nbsp;Danobat is the only one in the market with this type of machine.&nbsp;</p> <p>The head of the machine houses both the drilling head and oxy cutting head on an indexable turret style setup. The IDP+ comes with a large 8 station tool changer and when the oxy head needs to be ignited there is an ignition area where this is done automatically. The IDP+ has a small foot print which is great for the workshop that needs a compact machine with a large scope of abilities to process structural steel.</p> <p>The IDP+ also comes standard with a 6 metre infeed and outfeed system with the outfeed fitted with a gripper type automatic infeed arm. Options are available that can make this machine fully automatic from infeed to&nbsp;outfeed so minimal operator input is required. Check out the link to find out more information regarding the innovative new machine from Danobat</p> <p><a href=";ProductID=163">Click here for more information on the Danobat IDP+ drill/oxy cutting machine</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Launch of social media sites <p style="text-align: left;">We have now launched our social media sites so click on the icons on our home page and have a look. We have over 50 movies now on our Youtube site which can also be seen throughout our website and links to some interesting other channels. Our Facebook site has just been created and has a few pics of our factory in Salisbury and some of our machines. Like us on facebook!!!!! We also have a twitter account so you can keep up with the latest news thats going on with us at Complete Machine Tools and finally LinkedIn so you can interact with the director of Complete Machine Tools.</p> <p><img title="facebook" src="" alt="facebook" width="83" height="83" /><img title="linkedin" src="" alt="linkedin" width="83" height="83" /><img title="twitter" src="" alt="twitter" width="80" height="83" /><img title="you_tybe" src="" alt="you_tybe" width="83" height="83" /></p> Christmas closure <p>As that time of the year creeps up on us, faster and faster every year, the team at Complete Machine Tools would like to wish all of our customers and their families a safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday and a very prosperous 2013. Thank you for the continued buiness in 2012 and here's to an amazing 2013.This new year coming promises to be the best one yet, we will have our new premises finished by the middle of the year and around the same time our new 160 page catalogue will be finished and ready&nbsp;to be handed out at <a href="">Austech</a>&nbsp;2013 exhibition in Melbourne.</p> <p>Here's to an amazing 2013!!!!!!!!</p> <p><img id="il_fi" style="padding-top: 8px; padding-right: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px;" src="" alt="" width="548" height="300" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> CMT 1200 ton x 10.2m pressbrake sold <p>Complete Machine Tools has just finalised an order for a CMT 1200 ton x 10.2 metre press brake, this will be one of the biggest press brakes operating&nbsp;in Qld. The monster of a machine is sold with a Cyberlec Modeva 12S controller, 6 axis back gauge (X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2), hydraulic crowning, lasersafe guarding system, hoerbiger hydraulic system, heidenhain linear scales and panasonic servo motors and drives.</p> <p>This machine is due in the first half of next year and will take roughly 7 - 10 days to install. Complete achine Tools offer a full and comprhensive service when large machines are sold, when this press brake arrives it will be directly delivered to the customers premises. Two engineers from the supplier and one of Complete Machine Tools&nbsp;engineers will then assemble and test the machine. The whole process is kept as painfree for the customer because it is a full turnkey solution. Pics will be posted once the machine is installed and up and running!</p> 2013 - New year new opportunities <p>As we begin 2013 I like to think we all go into the new year being positive and envisioning a prosperous and profitable year ahead of us. All of us at Complete Machine Tools have come back from the holidays with exactly that attitude for this year and have a big year coming up. We have now started the new factory and scheduled to be finished in around 6 months time. The foundations are now finished so we are on our way to a new premises that is two and half the size of our current factory.</p> <p>The Austech show (<a href=""></a>) in Melbourne this year is in May&nbsp;and set to be a great one, we will have a Gasparini press brake amounst other machines on our stand. This is a significant milestone for Complete Machine Tools as the new relationship is taken to the next level. We also will have an open day once the new factory is built but more on that closer to the time.</p> <p>Our new 160 page product book will be ready around the Austech show and the finishing of our new premises so around the middle of the year will be a rather busy time for all of us at CMT!</p> <p>From all of us at Complete Machine Tools here's hoping that 2013 is the turn around from the GFC that we all waiting on with baited breath and an extremely profitable year!</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<img title="picture088" src="" alt="picture088" width="742" height="937" /></p> New factory - foundations being laid <p>An exciting period in Complete Machine Tools history is taking place, the foundations for the new factory have been laid and the casting beds have been erected to make the tilt panels for the new factorys shell. Once the tilt panels have set then they will be erected, we predicting in about 1 months time the structural steel and tilt panels will be up!!!!!</p> <p>&nbsp;<img title="img-20130114-00064" src="" alt="img-20130114-00064" width="672" height="495" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Everising 1100mm diameter bandsaw installed <p>Two large Everising bandsaws were succesfully installed at Bohler Uddeholm in NSW this week. The first being an Everising H-700HANC which has a 700mm diameter capacity and is fully automatic in operation. The second is the Everising H-1100V which has a 1100mm diameter capacity&nbsp;and in this case used to cut tool steel. This is&nbsp;the newest two saws at Bohler Uddeholm and now takes them to over 45 Everising saws country wide in Australia.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;<img title="img-20130201-00085" src="" alt="img-20130201-00085" width="777" height="703" /></p> New factory tilt panels finished <p>The tilt panels for Complete Machine Tools new factory have now been cast and ready to be lifted in two days time. Once the tilt panels go up the structural steel will be erected.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img title="dscf2263" src="" alt="dscf2263" width="848" height="298" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Leadwell LTC-50BXL CNC lathe installed <p>A Leadwell LTC-50BXL was installed recently at JG Turning in Carole Park Qld, JG Turning decided on a Leadwell because of their reliabilty and great value for money. The Leadwell LTC-50BXL was optioned up with a live tooling turret (BMT type) and a tool setter for additional flexability. This massive lathe is the second biggest lathe Leadwell produces with a huge 900mm swing, 117mm spindle bore and 3 metre turning length.</p> <p><img title="leadwellltc-50bxl" src="" alt="leadwellltc-50bxl" width="805" height="578" /></p> Progress of new factory <p>The progress of the new premises of Complete Machine Tools is flying along nicely. The tilt panels have been erected, the structural steel and crane beams have been put up and next week the roof will be put on. So if all keeps going the way it should we will be moving around July/August.</p> <p><img title="tiltpanelserected" src="" alt="tiltpanelserected" width="672" height="394" /></p> <p><img title="officepanels" src="" alt="officepanels" width="673" height="477" /></p> <p><img title="structuralsteel" src="" alt="structuralsteel" width="674" height="258" /></p> Austech 2013 Exhibition Melbourne <p>Complete Machine Tools took part this year in the Austech&nbsp;exhibition in Melbourne at the Convention and Exhibition centre last week, Austech&nbsp;show cases all of Australia's leading machine tool dealers and their equipment over&nbsp;a 4 day&nbsp;period.&nbsp;Complete Machine Tools has been doing the Austech show which alternates every year between Melbourne and Sydney for the last 10 years and this year had a very succesful show.</p> <p>On the stand the new Gasparini Xpress 100 x 3000&nbsp;ECO press brake was shown along side a Leadwell V-50L machining centre and 2 Everising bandsaws (H-360HANC fully automatic column type &amp; S-4633SA semi automatic&nbsp;double mitre). The&nbsp;Gasparini has market leading features which includes a mechanical angle measuring system, 200mm/s&nbsp;down &amp; return speed, active crowning system and a noiseless hydraulic system to name a few.</p> <p>Click the link to view&nbsp;more info <a href=""></a></p> <p>All in all it was a good exhibition and some very promising leads were obtained! Next year its in Sydney at the Sydney Olympic park and we hope to see you there!</p> <p><img title="img_00000178" src="" alt="img_00000178" width="472" height="329" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="img_00000185" src="" alt="img_00000185" width="474" height="297" /></p> <p><img title="img_00000197" src="" alt="img_00000197" width="477" height="318" /></p> DMTG 8 metre lathe sold <p>Complete Machine Tools has just sold a DMTG 8 metre between centre x 1400mm swing x 130mm spindle bore centre lathe&nbsp;out of stock to BMI Engineering in Qld. BMI Engineering reconditions hydraulic cylinders and decided to&nbsp;buy the large lathe to further improve their production capabilities. The DMTG lathe is a well priced machine that offers exceptional quality to price ratio.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;<img title="Dalian_CW61140Mx8000 " src="" alt="Dalian_CW61140Mx8000 " width="720" height="454" /></p> Yawei-Nisshinbo HPE series turret punch installed <p>A Yawei - Nisshinbo HPE series turret punch has recently been installed at Spence Quality Doors on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. The HPE series is a new product from Yawei - Nisshinbo which features a servo electric punch head which drastically reduces power consumption and allows a 1500CPM rate. The HPE-3044-LA2(B) that was purchased was optioned up with a Siemens controller, 1250mm x 2500mm punching envelope, auto positioning sheet clamps and a 26 station turret with 2 x B size auto indexing stations.</p> <p>The turret is a thick turret which is supplied out of Japan from Nisshinbo and can accomodate Wilson or Mate tooling. The Yawei - Nisshinbo turret punch family has both hydraulic and servo electric models and accomodates for all budgets.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img title="dscf4180" src="" alt="dscf4180" width="718" height="558" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> New Factory Completed <p>Complete Machine Tools have just completed its brand new purpose built &nbsp;factory in Seventeen Mile Rocks in Qld. This purpose built factory is a tilt panel construction on a 2750sq/m block of land with a 1700sq/m factory and now in conjunction with the existing factory Complete Machine Tools has over 2500sq/m of factory space.</p> <p>An Eilbeck double girder 20 ton over head crane that spans 24 metres &nbsp;and has an under hook height of around 7 metres has been installed greatly increasing the lifting capacity from 10 ton at Complete Machine Tools other factory to 20 ton capacity at the new facility.</p> <p>There is also a dedicated showroom area where all machine are ready to be demoed immediately at the clients request. The idea behind this is purely because purchasing capital equipment can be quite a daunting process and being able to see &nbsp;the machine running in a relaxed and clean atmosphere and understanding the exact mechanical, hydraulic and controller workings greatly helps the customer &nbsp;to making the right decision on what to purchase instead on just being told how the machine operates without actually seeing it operate. With high value machinery like the Leadwell CNC engineering machinery line&nbsp; or the CMT &nbsp;and Gasparini CNC sheetmetal / fabrication machinery line&nbsp; which generally are kept in stock at all times, these machines will have jobs that can be executed and shown to the customer for additional value added machinery&nbsp; purchasing.</p> <p>The office is a double story structure and in the near future a section of the top floor will be set up to do CNC controller training for customers who have purchased a CNC machine from Complete Machine Tools. Once the theory is completed the customer will then do hands on training on their machine in the factory.</p> <p>A dedicated area where machinery will be pre tested prior to being shipped out has also been included in the design, giving the customers the benefit of knowing the machine will arrive at its new home fully tested and ready to go without issues.</p> <p>With the new factory Complete Machine Tools now can service their customer at a greater level and offer a painless and less confusing experience when purchasing a machine, so come visit us at</p> <p>123 Bluestone Circuit Seventeen Mile Rocks, Qld 4074</p> <p><img title="dscf4181" src="" alt="dscf4181" width="592" height="172" /></p> CMT 1200 ton x 10.2 metre press brake installed <p>A new CMT 1200 ton x 10.2 metre CNC press brake has just recently been installed at a customer in Qld. The massive press brake took 7 months to build and needed 8 trucks to tansport&nbsp;the 200 ton machine&nbsp;from the Brisbane wharf to the customers factory. 2 engineers from the supplier and 1 from Complete Machine&nbsp;Tools took 25 days to assemble and get the press brake up and running. The CMT press brake was optioned up with a Cyberlec Modeva controller and a 6 axis (X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2) back gauge to add additional flexibility. The CMT range of press brakes all come standard with Hoerbiger hydraulics and Heidenhain linear scales out of Germany and can be optioned up with either Delem or Cyberlec controllers. The CMT&nbsp;press brakes range from 50 tons to 3500 ton capacity.</p> <p><img title="dscf4311" src="" alt="dscf4311" width="735" height="378" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> 65mm CNC Tube Bender Installed <p><span style="font-size: 9pt; font-family: 'Arial','sans-serif'; color: black;">Complete Machine Tools have just successfully installed a Shuztung CNC65BR3 tube bender out of Taiwan. The customer makes ute trays for all the major car manufacturers and needed to update their tube bender to a modern CNC machine to increase their capacity and stream line their production. The decision was made to purchase a Shuztung machine because the customer previously bought a Shuztung 65mm NC controlled tube bender from Complete Machine Tools 10 years ago and have had great success with the machine.</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 9pt; font-family: 'Arial','sans-serif'; color: black;">The new machine was optioned up with 3 stack bending which can accommodate 3 different size radius dies of the same pipe size for added flexibility and reduced die changing time. The tube bender was also&nbsp;optioned up with a punching device, the square and round pipe can be rotated automatically by the index able mandrel chuck and punched on both sides. The controller is a PC based controller with a 17" touch screen and full graphical visualization. Once the job has been programmed the sequence can be viewed in 3D so&nbsp;mistakes can be picked up prior to bending. </span></p> <p><a href=";ProductID=43">Click on the link below to view more info on the Shuztung CNC tube bender range&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</a></p> <p><img title="img_00000916" src="" alt="img_00000916" width="653" height="337" /></p> New CMT Yawei product design The new design CMT Yawei producs are coming very soon with innovative changes. There will be a completely redesign of the press brakes with a new top level CNC machine with servo driven Y1, Y2 positioned on the cylinders making the machine very quite and super fast by eliminating the hydraulic system for green technology. There will also be new turret punch designs with a punching and shearing automated line. Keep an eye out because we will be updating the website soon with all the new products and designs. Leadwell training at Complete Machine Tools <p>Co<span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.5;">mplete Machine Tools was fortunate to have Peter Tsai from Leadwell at our factory in Qld to spend time with our engineers to do training on the Leadwell range of CNC machines. Over the last few years Leadwell has become an important part of the Complete Machine Tools product range and with increasing sales of Leadwell machines it was important more training was done on the maintenance and repair of these machines. Peter spent 5 days all up in Australia with us and it was a very informative time and we thank Leadwell for sending him out here!</span></p> <p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="leadwelltrainingatcmt1" src="" alt="leadwelltrainingatcmt1" width="400" height="300" /></p> <p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="leadwelltrainingatcmt2" src="" alt="leadwelltrainingatcmt2" width="400" height="300" /></p> Another Yawei-Nisshinbo Servo Electric Turret Punch Installed <p>The Yawei-Nisshinbo HPE series servo electric turret punches are becoming a very good selling product for Complete Machine Tools. An HPE 3058-38LA2(D) has just been installed at Partner Engineering in Qld. This turret has a table size of 5000mm x 1500mm and represents one of the larger machines in the product range. It was optioned up with a Siemens controller, 38 station turret with 2 x D station auto indexing stations and a E station for oversized punching. The machine has a light barrier around it ensuring protection to the operator and workers around the machine. Another order for an HPE series machine has just been placed by a switchboard manufactiring company and is due to be installed in 2 - 3 months time.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img title="img_0102" src="" alt="img_0102" width="653" height="490" /></p> <p><img title="img_0122" src="" alt="img_0122" width="617" height="463" /></p> 2014 Mailout In the coming weeks we will be doing a mass mailout by post of our 165pg catalogue, our catalogue includes all of our products from HVAC, engineering, sheetmetal and fabrication &nbsp;to sawing machines and a few of our showcase installations. Keep a look out for it in your post boxes because its coming your way. If you dont receive one let us know and we'll add you to our database.&nbsp; Microweilly TY-2680TR CNC lathe installed <p>The recent sale was from Lange Engineering in Melbourne who bought the Microweilly with 2 metres between centres x 105mm spindle bore and a 660mm swing. The machine came with a Fanuc 10.4" Oi-TD controller and an 8 station hydraulic turret, chip conveyor and 3 jaw chuck. 3 days of training were given and the machine is now in production.</p> <p><img title="photo1" src="" alt="photo1" width="614" height="461" /></p> New Design CMT-Yawei 300 ton press brake on order <p>The brand new design CMT-Yawei PBB model has now been relaesed and we have a 300 ton x 4100mm on order for stock due in early 2015. This sleek new design machine has been ordered in with a Delem DA-52S controller, X &amp; R axis back gauge and hydraulic crowning of the bed. This machine is going to be priced to sell so register your interest early.</p> <p><img title="pbbyaweistdmodel" src="" alt="pbbyaweistdmodel" width="673" height="487" /></p> New Design CMT guillotines now in stock <p>Our brand new designed range of overdriven 6mm &amp; 8mm guillotines have now arrived! The new design incorporates a modern look with the same advanced functionality like before. The new range comes is available in all sizes from 6mm up to 30mm and lengths from 2000mm up to 6000mm. All of the new range is optioned up with a programmable "go to controller" to position the back gauge, adjustable blade rake, adjustable blade gap, front and rear sheet supports and compliant safety devices.&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="guillotineshearwithcmtlogo_page_1" src="" alt="guillotineshearwithcmtlogo_page_1" width="300" /></p> SMTCL AH110 CNC Borer going to Nth Qld <p>An &nbsp;SMTCL AH110 horizontal CNC borer has just landed and being shipped up to its customer in Nth Qld just outside of Townsville. The SMTCL AH series of borers are a very cost effective CNC controlled borer that utilises modern technology to bring you a point to point machine that really does offer you bang for your buck! The controller is the same as the traditional CNC controller using G/M codes so the "language" is universal and anybody who is familiar with G/M code programming will have no problem to program this machine. Its a big bonus when putting on new staff because having a easy to use controller that is common in the work place makes it easier to find good tradesman and programmers. &nbsp;</p> <p>Servo motors ensure smooth and accurate positioning of the axes, slideways are also nice and robust which makes big cuts on this machine easy to do without compromising on quality.</p> <p><img title="img_1862" src="" alt="img_1862" width="480" height="640" /></p> Leadwell New Economical VE series Machining Centres <p>Enzo Salerno who is the sales manager at Complete Machine Tools is currently in Taiwan attending the Leadwell global agents meeting in Taichung and then going on to the Timtos exhibition in Taipei. Today was the Leadwell global agents meeting and there are some very exciting new developments going on at Leadwell. One is the VE series machining centres that is an economical option for a maching centre and goes up to 1000mm on the X axis.&nbsp;</p> <p>Leadwell is also in the coming months going to launch their iphone/android app which has a comprehensive listing of all their products, this is great for customers who want the information at their fingertips to first look at the different models quickly and easily priot to contacting Complete Machine Tools for additional info and pricing.</p> <p>&nbsp;The most interesting of announcements today was the thermal heat detection and compensation system for spindle monitoring. This is a module that is attached to the controller that detects the heat in the spindle and then automatically adjusts the axis to compensate for the expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling of the spindle. This module will be released in the next few months and an optional extra on all VMC's.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img title="leadwellve-22imachiningcentre" src="" alt="leadwellve-22imachiningcentre" width="626" height="470" /></p> <p>&nbsp;The Leadwell VE-42A economical series VMC in the Leadwell factory</p> <p><img title="leadwellthermalspindlesensor" src="" alt="leadwellthermalspindlesensor" width="514" height="685" /></p> <p>The Leadwell thermal spindle detection and compensation device in the development stages.</p> Ronniewell Welding Equipment on order <p>After a successful trip to China and Taiwan a number of new agencies have now been taken on. One of them is a company out of China called Ronniwell who manufacture welding equipment and accessories. Ronniewell produces many products but the main ones are welding boomes, pipe rotators and welding positioners.</p> <p>On order are pipe rotators and welding positioners so if you in the market for quality equipment at a extremely good price give us a call!</p> <p><img title="img_2334" src="" alt="img_2334" width="750" height="1000" /></p> New Design Everising Column Saws Coming Soon <p>A very exciting development is happening with the Everising range of column saws, specifically the H-360HANC and H-460HANC which are 360mm and 460mm diameter capacity fully automatic straight cut machines.&nbsp;</p> <p>1. The design is changing and now we will be offering the Everising "HB" series which offered a intergrated double column design which will make the machine design more rigid and improve overall cutting performance. The design will also offer a one piece sacraficial cutting plate that will be intergrated into the moving clamping vice so there will be no need to remove the traditional cutting blocks hence saving time. The motor will now be a direct drive system installed directly into the gear box giving better torque. The standard "HA" series will still remain available for a more cost effective solution!</p> <p>2. The Everising H-360HA/HB &amp; H-460HA/HB saws on order for stock will be coming in with an enclosed design cover for added safety and also a LED light built into the cover which will have a 3 colour system. This will simply tell you when the machine is working, stopped or in error by the colour of the lights on the machine.</p> <p>As always Everising is at the forefront of technology and design and moving forward is a key attribute of Everising, these machines are due to arrive in a few months time but contact us now to get more info on these machines.&nbsp;</p> New line of CMT panbrakes <p>An all new range of panbrakes are being introduced by Complete Machine Tools and set to offer excellent features at great prices. The new range consists of 3 different models -&nbsp;</p> <p>- CMT 2mm x 2500mm manual panbrake, this is a completely manual machine with a digital angle readout for ease of use</p> <p>- CMT 2mm x 2500mm semi hydraulic cnc panbrake, this has hydraulic bending but still manual top beam clamping. This has a CNC touch screen controller to set mulitple jobs with multiple angles</p> <p>- CMT 4mm x 2500mm full hydraulic cnc panbrake, this has hydraulic bending and clamping and a cnc touch screen controller for setting up of multiple jobs with multiple angles.</p> <p>These machines are due in end of July&nbsp;</p> <p><img title="2mmx2500semicnc" src="" alt="2mmx2500semicnc" width="560" height="354" /></p> <p><img title="2mmx2500mmmanual" src="" alt="2mmx2500mmmanual" width="511" height="417" /></p> <p><img title="cmt4mmx2500cnc" src="" alt="cmt4mmx2500cnc" width="639" height="397" /></p> Press Brake Tooling Galore <p>Complete Machine Tools has just received a huge amount fo tooling in stock, we've got heaps!!!</p> <ul> <li>Gooseneck&nbsp;</li> <li>Bullnose</li> <li>Knife</li> <li>Radius</li> <li>Multi vee bottom dies</li> <li>Twin vee bottom dies</li> <li>Single vee bottom dies</li> <li>Flattening / Hemming&nbsp;</li> </ul> <div>And if we dont have it we can get it!</div> <div>All of our tools have a manufacturers number so you can always know exactly what you've ordered and get the same when you need more!</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;<img title="fullsizerender" src="" alt="fullsizerender" width="450" height="370" /><img title="pbrakeidentification" src="" alt="pbrakeidentification" width="450" height="338" /></div> New High Speed CMT Press Brakes <p>In only about 3 weeks time the brand new range of CMT high speed CNC press brakes are due to arrive. We have 2 models coming in for stock</p> <ul> <li>CMT 100 ton x 3100mm with 7 controllable axis and a Delem DA-66T controller</li> <li>CMT 150 ton x 4100mm&nbsp;<span>with 7 controllable axis and a Delem DA-66T controller</span></li> </ul> <div>Both machine come with 4 axis on the back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2) with the Z1, Z2 speeds at a phenominal 1200mm/sec.</div> <div>Lasersafe guarding system has been fitted for added operator safety and gates on the side and rear with interlock</div> <div>switches to turn the machine off if the gates are opened.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>There is heaps of other features on these machines so give us a call to come and see the machine in action.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><img title="569a5c1ae4d872db7726cda15e1d223d36fe06e082f9300543pimgpsh_fullsize_distr" src="" alt="569a5c1ae4d872db7726cda15e1d223d36fe06e082f9300543pimgpsh_fullsize_distr" width="800" height="600" /></div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Large range of used bandsaws <p>We currently have a large range of good used automatic bandsaws in stock ranging from 400 - 700mm diameter. All saws have NC touch screen controllers, material shuttle feeds, auto chip conveyors and rapid approach systems fitted. All machines can be seen operating under power.</p> <p><img title="usedbandsaws" src="" alt="usedbandsaws" width="500" height="375" />&nbsp;</p> Icon PressBrake Controller <p>Complete Machine Tools are now offering the Icon controller on all the torsion bar and entry level synchro press brakes. The controller offers simplicity in programming with the benefit of a 2D graphical interface. This is particularly of interest for when a new press operator is being trained up because the uptake of the controller is quick thus allowing the work to start being produced and sent out at a fast pace.</p> <p>The 2D graphical interface will also give the press operator a graphical view of what the part looks like and what bend needs to be done at a glance. This cost effective solution is a winner on all levels.</p> <p>There is a demo unit available at all times and its portable as well so we can come to you to show the benefits of the controller.</p> <img title="icon" src="" alt="icon" width="963" height="612" /> <p>&nbsp;</p> New Linia plasma cutting machines <p>Our new range of Linia plasma cutting machines are due in stock shortly. A 1.5m x 3m machine will be coming in first. These cost effective plasma cutting machines will give any size company the ability to bring cutting inhouse.&nbsp;</p> <p>A 105A plasma will be on this stock machine but any size up to 125A will be available. The machine comes with a impressive array of features as standard.</p> <p>Wireless remote control / Yaskawa servo motors / Laser pointer to align the plate with the head/ direct input DXF file converter on the controller/ Fastcam software / Inbuilt dust fan.</p> <p>This will be in stock around 2 months time&nbsp;</p> Vtop Fibre laser in stock 12/2 <p>At Complete Machine Tools we are always looking at innovative new products and we think we've got a doozer. We are now cooperating with Vtop who manufacture fibre laser cutting machines. They have an array of excellent features, they cost effective to run and very affordable to own. We think we on a winner so click the link below and have a look for yourself.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> New CMT guillotines Our newest edition of CMT guillotines offer a great variety of features and very close to the price of your traditional guillotines. Touch screen controller, auto gap &amp; angle control via the controller. Due in for stock February.&nbsp;